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New web site available!

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The new web site is ready!


Paper @ IEEE-VTC 11

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Fabien Chraim

Kris Pister’s team,
BSAC, UC Berkeley



Paper Title: A Wireless Sensor Network Approach to Signalized Left Turn Assist at Intersections

Paper Authors: Fabien Chraim, Thomas Watteyne, Ali Ganji, Kris Pister

Presented by: Fabien Chraim

Date: 15-18 May 2011

Location: IEEE 73rd Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2011-Spring 15-18 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary


Thomas’ Farewell Party

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Cutting the cake

Yes, unfortunately. The time has come for our beloved Post-doc, Dr. Thomas Watteyne to (temporarily?) say goodbye to academia and take a shot at working in industry. Thomas spent almost two years in the Pister group and has been instrumental in advancing the work in Wireless Sensor Networks. The group hosted this small farewell party on November 23rd, 2010. On the menu was a delicious cake, an appetizing pie and a single cupcake.

Thomas, you will be missed!

Attendees (Richard was there)


Highlights from ARM TechCon 2010

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We were at the ARM TechCon yesterday, the yearly Woodstock for ARM-lovers. This article details news from NXP, IAR and Micrium which caught our attention.



We have been looking for a few months at the best way to add an IEEE802.15.4 interface to a smart phone. This article details the steps to do so with an iPhone. We use a GINA mote running the OpenWSN stack connected to a jailbroken iPhone running a Python script to radio control a toy helicopter.



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